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Pacific Ocean

One of the big things on this trip was to get to see the Pacific ocean. We planned on making a quick trip down to the ocean and then heading back home. However, once we got there, we stayed a lot longer than anticipated.

We started out going through the Quileute Indian town of La Push, which is where we got a glimpse of the ocean from a harbor. We then backtracked to our real destination, First Beach. It is about a 1½ mile hike to the beach. Steep, but definitely worth it. As you can tell, it was almost deserted.

One of the interesting things was the offshore islands. They where not flat like I was expecting, but very tall. It appears that they were carved from the mainland at some point.

Picture: Not going this way
Not going this way
Picture: Harbor near ocean
Harbor near ocean
Picture: View from harbor
View from harbor
Picture: Island off of harbor
Island off of harbor
Picture: Path to the ocean
Path to the ocean
Picture: Gnarled tree
Gnarled tree
Picture: Getting near the ocean!
Getting near the ocean!
Picture: Wind damage
Wind damage
Picture: First good view of ocean
First good view of ocean
Picture: Here we are!
Here we are!
Picture: Another little island
Another little island
Picture: Driftwood
Picture: The way back, see the marker?
The way back, see the marker?
Picture: Multiple little islands
Multiple little islands
Picture: You can see forever
You can see forever
Picture: Carolyn at the ocean
Carolyn at the ocean
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