My Picture Sets

Trips - Funeral, 2001

In the evening of September 6, 2001 I got a phone call saying that my father had just died. Fortunately, Carolyn was with me for moral support. We caught a plane out of Seattle that night and arrived the next morning.

The funeral was on Monday, and Carolyn was going to return back to Seattle on Tuesday, September 11. Obviously, this did not happen. She did get back home on Friday, I returned about a week later.

I don't have any pictures of the funeral, coffin, or burial site. Because of the extended stay, we did get a lot of pictures around the farm and surrounding town. Some people were bothered that the farm and sawmill did not shut down for mourning. The problem is that plants don't know about the affairs of humans and still need harvesting. Also, the sawmill was in full production and there were many outstanding orders that were critical for other farmer's harvesting.

My family was able to get through all of this with the help of family and neighbors. The following pictures are Carolyn and I taking some well needed breaks.