My Picture Sets

Trips - Christmas 2002

We celebrated Christmas at my parents in Pennsylvania this year. This trip included three major activities:

  • Christmas
  • Carolyn's Birthday
  • Meeting of the families

All of these went off successfully. We took several hours of video and a lot of pictures. The pictures are here and the video is waiting for me to do something with it; historically, this will be a long wait.

We don't have any pictures of the the meeting of the families. I wanted this to be a time to get together, not to worry about when a camera is going to be shoved in your face. I had met Carolyn's family much earlier, and Carolyn had met my family over a year ago. However, my family had never met Carolyn's family, which is what we organized this trip. Carolyn's family came up to Pennsylvania for a couple of days to meet people and for Carolyn's birthday.