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May 2002 Brother's News Interview

Once again, my brother was interviewed about farm related items for the local news. This is probably due to the very extensive knowledge that he has on anything farming related.

This time, there was a pair of late spring frosts. This interview was about the first of the two frosts. The second frost occurred a few days later and we did sustain some damage, but not much.

The news report is presented here in two different formats: a small version and a large version. They contain the same video: the only difference is that the smaller version will download a lot quicker, but of course displays in a smaller window with poorer quality sound. The Large version will take a significant amount of time to download on slow network connections. You need the DivX 5.0.1 codec or newer to view these videos. Note that the other videos used DivX 4.0, so you may need to download the newer version.

Picture: Channel 24, Small Version
Channel 24, Small Version
Picture: Channel 24, Large Version
Channel 24, Large Version
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