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My Brother Interviewed on the News

On February 14, my brother was interviewed by the local news media about the on-going drought. This was in Northern Pennsylvania so if you are not from that area, you may not have heard about the drought. Anyway, since he is a local farmer, my brother was asked to provide expert opinions on the situation.

He ended up on two different television stations. Each news report is presented here in two different formats: a small version and a large version. They contain the same video: the only difference is that the smaller version will download a lot quicker, but of course displays in a smaller window. The Large versions will take a significant amount of time to download on slow network connections. You need the DivX 4.0 codec or newer to view these videos.

Picture: Channel 24, Small Version
Channel 24, Small Version
Picture: Channel 24, Large Version
Channel 24, Large Version
Picture: Channel 66, Small Version
Channel 66, Small Version
Picture: Channel 66, Large Version
Channel 66, Large Version
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