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Jacob in April, 2001

I can not believe how BIG he's getting… it's going far too fast :( But I'm loving every moment of it! He just had his 4 month doctor visit which actually occurred at 5 months, since he had the flu. Anyway, he's now 14 lbs and 10.5 ounces and 25.5 inches long: he grew 4 inches from his last visit at 2 months. They were really surprised! He's now at the 50% percentile when compared to other babies: he was at the 5-25% percentile. He also received his shots again - ugh! He really cried and this time carried a low-grade fever for 1½ days, along with some crankiness. But he seems fine now. The doctor said he's right on target with sitting up assisted, lifting his head while on his stomach, trying to roll over, talking all the time, smiling, starting to laugh - overall precious. He laughs at the strangest things - like my hair, facial expressions - typically when I'm not trying to make him laugh, of course! He's now on cereal once a day. Seems to like it, but spits out every other bite. Likes to put his fingers in it and his mouth - pretty messy. And he loves Teletubbies…watches the entire show (½ hours) and laughs/talks while I run on the treadmill. And his eyes are still a brilliant blue; probably the most noticed attribute by those who stop to admire him in stores, walks, etc.

Picture: j4_dsc00029.jpg
Picture: j4_dsc00030.jpg
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Picture: Jake has discovered his feet!
Jake has discovered his feet!
Picture: sporting a Tommy hat
sporting a Tommy hat
Picture: Jake playing with the balloons
Jake playing with the balloons
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