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Jacob at 2 Months

Jake just had his 2 month visit at the doctor's. He's now 11 pounds and 12.5 ounces (up 3 pounds in one month!!) which raises him into the 25th percentile! His height is now 22 inches (born at 18 3/4) which keeps him in the 5th percentile. The doctor called him "petite"…hmmmm… He also received his first set of immunization shots - screaming during the shots and then passing out asleep very shortly thereafter.

Beyond all that - he's great! He's smiling and so alert! He sleeps a lot still - especially during the day! Unfortunately at night, he's up a lot - I still need to figure the night thing out with him. He also loves to be held and is addicted to his Baby Bjorn. I try to limit it during the day, as I'm noticing he likes to fall asleep somewhat standing up like in the Bjorn…hmmmm again…

Picture: In an outfit from my boss
In an outfit from my boss
Picture: Jacob posing
Jacob posing
Picture: Smiling playing w/his toys!
Smiling playing w/his toys!
Picture: In one of Brandon's outfits!
In one of Brandon's outfits!
Picture: Jacob half asleep
Jacob half asleep
Picture: His hand supporting his chin
His hand supporting his chin
Picture: With new teddy bear
With new teddy bear
Picture: j2_dsc00187.jpg
Picture: j2_dsc00188.jpg
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