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Timeline - Textual

Before Christmas of 2002, Carolyn and I started to look for a home to live in. We wanted to just get a feel for what was available and what we liked. We also did not want to get started on the process and then interrupt it with a vacation. After returning from Pennsylvania in January of 2003, we found a Realtor and started looking.

The second time we went out looking at houses with the Realtor (1/30/2003), we found the house that we really liked. We think. The problem was that it is still under construction. This made it really hard to tell what the finished house will look like:

This is the kitchen. I think the sink will go over there, that looks like water hook up. The island is somewhere around here, see that hole in the floor...

The next day, Carolyn and I went to see a model of the house. This is a house that has been completed and decorated and is used for the purpose of showing off how nice the pile of lumber will look when it is done. Both Carolyn and I loved it and decided to buy. Due to the excitement, neither of us had gotten a lot of sleep the previous night, so we decided to wait until the next day (Saturday, Feb 1) to sign paper work.