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March 20, 2003 - Painting Day

It turns out that they were painting today. More specifically, they were touching up the trim work. The entire inside of the house was covered in plastic and masking tape, with a whole slew of little red dots where the nail holes in the molding were filled. We could not tell if anything else had been done or not.

Picture: Crawl space
Crawl space
Picture: Our front door?
Our front door?
Picture: Room full of doors
Room full of doors
Picture: More doors
More doors
Picture: Hallway to master bath
Hallway to master bath
Picture: Bonus room windows
Bonus room windows
Picture: Stair way
Stair way
Picture: Who are these people?
Who are these people?
Picture: Backyard
Picture: Balcony to nowhere
Balcony to nowhere
Picture: dscf4112.jpg
Picture: dscf4113.jpg
Picture: dscf4114.jpg
Picture: dscf4115.jpg
Picture: dscf4116.jpg
Picture: dscf4117.jpg
Picture: dscf4118.jpg
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