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February 20, 2003

There appeared to be only three things that changed from last week: Most of the fence was put in, the deck was installed, and the trimmings for the banister were being put in while we were there.

Picture: Us, by old tub
Us, by old tub
Picture: West side fence
West side fence
Picture: Back yard
Back yard
Picture: Right side fence
Right side fence
Picture: Tub location
Tub location
Picture: Tub plumbing
Tub plumbing
Picture: Tub insulation
Tub insulation
Picture: Railing progress
Railing progress
Picture: Deck from kitchen
Deck from kitchen
Picture: The deck
The deck
Picture: West fence from deck
West fence from deck
Picture: Deck into kitchen
Deck into kitchen
Picture: Example cabinet hardware
Example cabinet hardware
Picture: Under stair cubbyhole
Under stair cubbyhole
Picture: Electrical panel
Electrical panel
Picture: Gas furnace
Gas furnace
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